Entry #1

What I'm working on...

2008-01-14 12:39:02 by GreyFlag

I don't want to be giving much away, but for my first submissions to NG I'm making a spoof of 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later called 28 Seconds Later. It's basically going to be 28 scenes 28 seconds long (roughly) each split into 7 episodes of 4 scenes each. I'm also working on the design for either a movie or a game involving a character who obtains a suit with gravitational powers. Ok, they aren't very original ideas but these are my first two flashes.

My dream on NG is to co-create a Maoist flash with Kenzu, which I might attempt sometime this year.

Last word: I'm working on the concept of educational "shorts" spoofing the lives of various organelles and their adventures. Yeah!


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2008-01-14 15:19:03

Sounds great